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Gilly Pups

January 26, 2010

So go out and catch you a good mess of bluegills (or other sunfish).  Gut ’em, scale ’em, …. don’t fillet ’em and leave the heads on.  Dip them into an egg wash and then into a dry rub or batter of your choice and fry them up.  Once they’ve cooled down, take a fork and dig all the skin and meat off the bones (toss away the head and fins or just eat ’em!!).

Now take your favorite hushpuppy batter and mix it up.  Add extra because you’re going to be adding the following ingredients:

  • sweet corn kernels
  • finely diced jalapeños
  • bluegill/sunfish meat
  • finely diced sweet mexican onions
  • shredded cheese — I get the kind from Wal-Mart called “Fiesta”, it’s a 3-cheese blend and it’s the best for this!!!

Mix all these up and fry the hushpuppies as you normally would.  You’ll never have hushpuppies the same way ever again!!  And for a dipping sauce try some blue cheese dressing!!!

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