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Cooking Tip: Tender Steaks

March 10, 2010

One of the methods that I use to make sure my steaks are tender is to soak them in red wine overnight.  I first start off using a meat mallet or tenderizing tool (the one I have has a handle with 15-20 sharp nails on the end) and pound the meat up on both sides.

Next I take my steak seasonings (my own personal blend, thank you very much!) and season both sides of the steaks quite liberally.  Then I massage those seasonings into the meat.

The steaks then go into gallon-sized zip-lock bags and then I’ll pour in the wine.  Seal the bags and toss them into the refrigerator overnight.  Just be sure to turn the bags several times while the steaks are tenderizing/marinating.

Now the big question I get asked most of the time is ‘what type of wine to use’.  I always recommend a Syrah/Shiraz or a Merlot (both are red wines for those that don’t know).  It’s the tannins in the red wine that are going to get into that meat and really get it nice and tender.  I don’t go for the pricey red wines though; generally I’ll use a nice red from Yellow Tail (click on that link to visit their website).

Aside from helping to tenderize the steaks, the red wine also gets infused into the meat which makes for a fabulous flavor! When I’m getting ready to put those steaks on the grill, I’ll take them out beforehand so that they will be at room temperature.  Use tongs to take out the steaks and place on the grill; discard wine marinade.  Sprinkle on some of your favorite steak seasonings and grill to your desired done-ness!!

Trust me… once you’ve prepared your steaks this way, you won’t want it any other way!!

Grill on y’all!

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