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Choosing Healthy Shrimp

April 22, 2010

Can ya hear it?

Can ya feel it?

It’s the call of the SALT!!! I don’t know what it is but come March-time and all the way through into December… that saltwater is calling me!!

One of my most favorite methods to fish is using a popping cork and live shrimp. Yeah fresh-dead shrimp can work well but I just prefer me the action of that live bugger down there twitching and making those salties chomp down on them and then come up into the boat with me for a ride to the grill!!

One key factor that you need to keep in mind is how to choose healthy shrimp. When you go to get your shrimp, get them from a bait shop that you are familiar with and that provides good, healthy bait. This will take some time but ask around and GET THERE EARLY! Be sure that the shrimp are lively and scooting about … don’t get those that don’t look healthy or are slowly swimming on their sides or upside down and not moving!!!

But there’s been some research being done to find ways in which to produce more healthy, stronger, longer living shrimp for those serious saltwater anglers. Researchers are finding that a serious workout routine produces great benefits for the shrimp just like it does for humans! That’s right…. exercise. From the moment the shrimp is born it is being thrust into a program that has one plan in mind … make it bigger, healthier and stronger. Now researchers are not informing folks at this time of all their research due to secrecy clauses but a video of some of their research has surfaced and it’s only right that I share this with you….

The following video may cause an unending desire to go saltwater fishing. If it does, don’t blame me and just head to the coast and fulfill that “Assault the Salt” urge!




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