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AW’s Po-boy Goo-lash

May 3, 2010

Ya know…. simple meals just can’t be beat!  Easy to cook and they don’t take a lot of prep time …. what can be better?!


  • 1.5 pounds of ground beef
  • 1 can of sweet whole kernal corn
  • 1 can of black eyed peas
  • 1 can of butter beans
  • 1 jalapeno
  • some margarine (not butter!!)

Slowly brown the ground beef (drain if necessary).  Drain the corn and butter beans.  Add corn and butter beans to the meat and then add can of black eyed peas (including the juice!).  Slowly bring to a boil and add finely sliced jalapeno and butter (to taste).  Let this simmer for about 10 minutes.

This mixture is excellent by itself but I like to put it over steamed rice or some sweet cornbread!  So go make ya some sometime and enjoy!!

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