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Cooking Tip: Grilling with Planks

June 11, 2010

You’ll find a whole new flavor to your foods when you put them on planks when you grill!  Here are some helpful hints to make your plank-grilling more fun!

1) Always cook on the same side of the plank…. I take a nail and hammer a couple of holes (well not all the way through) on the side I always want the food.  Some planks have burned-in labels on one side so you can use that as your ‘marker’.

2) Flip the plank over and take a router and route and oval shape roughly 1/2 inch from the edge of the plank.  This really helps with “holding” the foil”… like when I do my drunken salmon.  The routed edge depth should equal roughly half the thickness of the plank.  Now you can securely tuck your foil into that area and the foil will stay in place more securely.

3) For variety try apple and cherry wood planks and cook some fish on them … then try the fish from each and you’ll love the subtle difference in flavors!!

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