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Cooking Tip: Ribs

October 4, 2010

One of my favorite items to cook on the grill is ribs.  Over the years I’ve come to refine a few techniques that have proven to be very beneficial in the way that I cook ribs.  Do a quick search on the internet for rib grilling techniques and you’ll be swamped!  So the techniques presented here are simply the ones that I use… and they work.

There are several things that I do and I’ll cover them in more detail below — preparations, cuts and staging.


Before putting those ribs on the grill I go through a few preparations.  First is removing the thin membrane covering the ribs.  This does a couple of things:  (1) It’s less chewy; and (2) keeps the skirt from curling up.  Secondly, I cut off the “skirt” from underneath the rack of ribs.  These are what I call my chef-snacks!  During the grilling process this skirt cut will cook up first and serves as a good snack for the grill master and a teasing morsel for those that mosey up around the grill while the cooking is underway!

Cuts and Staging

I don’t just throw the rack of ribs onto the grill all at once.  If I did I wound up with nice juicy ribs on one each and jerky on the other!  So I make several cuts  on the rib grouping these cuts based on the thickness along the rib.  The thicker cuts go on the grill first, followed by thinner cuts.  Doing so helps to ensure that when the final ribs (the thinnest cuts) are cooked, all of the ribs are cooked to the same (or near-same) done-ness.

Try these tips and I’m sure they will work well for you too!

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