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Random Fishing Tips

October 14, 2010

On every fishing trip I carry along a little notepad to jot down notes (I need to get me one of them mini-recorders so that I can just speak my notes and record them.).  We learn something on every fishing outing and I know my brain won’t keep it all up there even though I convince myself that I can!!

Tip 1) Keep your head out of the tackle box!!!  I found that I was not as organized as I thought I was.  So I spent a few hours and reorganized my bags and boxes into a more efficient system.  And oh it was not a pretty ordeal but it was a necessary evil.  I told my wife that I need another 3-day fishing spree to ensure that my system is working efficiently.   I’ll let y’all know the answer once she stops laughing!!

Tip 2) Always watch the water!  When I was fishing Joe Pool, a buddy of mine, JW, and I hit a point and fished it thoroughly and it was somewhat clear water.  A few hours later we went back to that same spot and it was muddy!!  So what works at one point in time during the day may not work later on!!!  So keep an eye on the water clarity and adjust your presentation accordingly!

Tip 3) Listen to the fish.  I always find myself being dogmatic whenever I get a fish in the boat.  By dogmatic I mean that I recall exactly what I was doing and where the bait was when the fish hit.  And then I work that presentation like it’s the end of the world!  The problem is, that presentation may no longer be working.  So always be flexible and change up the presentation when the bite goes ‘off’.

Tip 4) Know what the bait is doing.  Just like in #3 above, you gotta know what that bait is doing in the water.  For far too long I would just buy something and tie it on and start tossing it like the fish were just going to hit it like the magic catch-all lure!!  Well I hope you aren’t doing this because it won’t work as often as you’d like it to.  I have a large fish tank and when i get a bait, it gets tied on and into that tank so that I can see what it’s doing and what it looks like.  Also, know what the bait feels like.  You can buy 10 of the same lure and each one will act just slightly different.  Be sure to ‘tune’ each lure so that they all behave the same and you’ll know exactly what it’s doing because they are all the same.

Tip 5) KNOW THY TROLLING MOTOR AND KNOW IT WELL!  While out on Ray Roberts with another buddy, Kyle, I got the duty of manning the trolling motor at one point.  Well all was going good.  Got us pointed in the right spot.  Gave us some good thrust at full power and then shut her off.  Time came to hit the TM again so I click the ON/OFF button on his wireless pad….. I darn near fell into the drink!!!  So know what that trolling motor is going to do when you shut it down and then turn it back on!!!!  Just might save you a swimming lesson that you didn’t expect to take!!

Tip 6) Use the buddy system!!  Fishing is always better when shared with a friend!  Start with different presentation styles and when you find the one that works then that should be the one you both use.  When the bite goes off, switch back to different presentation styles until you find the next one that works  and keep repeating that process.  You’ll learn twice as fast what the fish wants when you do it this way.


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