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Where’s Your Attention?

October 14, 2010

I was in Bass Pro Shops a few weeks back and something an older fisherman said has just stuck in my head and I don’t ever want to shake it off!!

I was watching a video on spinnerbait tactics and watched the guy pull out a nice bass; not realizing the older fisherman was right behind me.  Again the guy on the video pulls up another nice bass and I just shake my head in utter amazement.   The older fisherman then asked, “What are you watching for?”

An odd question to say the least and I’m sure the look on my face showed I had no clue on how to answer.  He then stated, “Don’t pay no attention to the fish they are catching.  Pay attention to their techniques and, more importantly, to the details that they provide in their narratives.”

You know, it would be nice to spend a day on the lake with that old man.  He could probably teach me more in one day without ever uttering a word than a whole library of how-to fishing videos ever could!!


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