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Selecting the ‘Right’ Bow

November 19, 2010

So you’re out searching for that new (or used) bow.  Doing so is much akin to going into a candy shop and searching for that just right piece of chocolate!!  In today’s market there are bows and bows and bows and bows to choose from.  Believe me, I’ve ventured into that jungle far too many times to admit to!

When I went into those shops I asked a lot of questions and soon I found that I was asking a lot of the same questions at the different shops.  So being the curious nut that I am, I formulated a list of questions and went back out to the shops.  I asked the same questions to a multitude of sales reps and was just astounded at the responses that I was given!!  Some of them even caused me to think if they knew the difference between the bow that you would use to hunt down your favorite game or the bow that you would tie in your daughter’s hair!!

So I turned my attention to the internet and began searching various sites for information on how to go about choosing the ‘right’ bow.  And then I found it… that one spot on the ‘net that held the answers!!!

Hunter’s Friend – Compound Bow Selection Guide

Go ahead and take the time to print out that web page (roughly 14 printed pages) because you’re going to be flipping back and forth and forth and back, underlining and highlighting!!!  Yups, they got it all right there!  No hype… no brand positioning… no sponsorship plugs… just straight forward information that you will use to put yourself with that ‘right’ bow!

The bow that is best for you is the bow that best fits your purpose, your size and strength, your shooting style, your skill level, and your budget.

Could it have been stated any simpler?!!  Well for me, at least, that hit the nail right on the head!  Everything I had set out to do was being done all wrong!  Wasted efforts and wasted time!

So like I said, go to Hunter’s Friend (link above) and print out that web page and then keep these tips of mine in mind when you’re out selecting that just-right bow:

  1. Determine your draw length.
  2. Determine your draw weight.
  3. Determine the cam style you’re most comfortable using.
  4. Determine the arrow mass that you can most effectively shoot.

Don’t get so wrapped up in the pre-canned bow packages that have various bells and whistles.  As the article states, “the compound bow is still a relatively simple device.”  The extras are nice but they shouldn’t be your first efforts of concentration.

Pick out the bow, test it out, then pick out a different bow and test it out…. repeat, over and over and over.  Go somewhere wherein you can test various brands and various equipment compositions.  A shooting range and a bunch of your buddies is a great place to start!

Once you’ve found the one you like and fits your shooting criterion, then start adding on the bells and whistles.  But that’s a whole different candy shop!!

Happy trails in selecting the ‘right’ bow!!

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