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The Meaning of Blue Candles

December 14, 2010

Most folks will be following the tradition of burning blue candles throughout the holidays.  The blue candle symbolizes the soldier that will not be able to come home during the holidays to spend it with their loved ones.

Folks I can tell you from experience this is one of the hardest times a soldier must endure.  I hated the holidays when I was deployed overseas.  I hated looking at my 1 foot tall Christmas tree with pics of my family hanging as ornaments.  I hated watching men and women talking to their spouses, children and family on the phone and trying to sound cheerful only to watch them break down weeping when they hung up.  I wanted to be home…. but, we had a duty to fulfill.

So for those that have served, I’m sure you can relate.  For those that are serving, you have those that have been there and those that are applauding your service!!


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