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Trip Snacks in a Pinch!

January 11, 2011

I’ve used this quite a bit whenever I’m heading out for a day of fishing or hunting.  One of the best things to do is pack a meal that will be easy to eat and not call for a lot of work to put together or require different utensils.

So here’s what I do… First I make up a bunch of East Texas Po-boy Sandwiches.  Take some saltine crackers, mayonnaise packets (Hellman’s of course!), deli meats (turkey, chicken, roast beef, etc.) and cheese slices.  When ready to eat, spread a light spreading of mayo on the crackers, put on some deli meat and cheese and then top off with another cracker.  Po-boy sandwiches at their finest!!

Another great lunch is to take a big-mouth thermos, put in some beef franks or hot links and put however many you are going to be eating that day.  Boil some water and pour into the thermos.  Make sure the franks/links are completely covered with water.  When you’re ready for a snack just take out the frank or link and toss it onto a bun.  Squirt on some mayo (better be Hellman’s!) or mustard, or whatever and chow down!  That thermos will keep those franks/links nice and warm throughout the day!

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