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Buzzbait Tips

January 20, 2011

Source: B.A.S.S. Advanced Bass Fishing Skills: Best Lures, Techniques and Presentations


  1. To keep a buzzbait from tumbling and tangling on the cast, leave 18 inches of line between the lure and the rod tip.
  2. Heavy line prevents breakoffs in thick cover, and it helps keep the lure riding high on the surface.
  3. Maintaining the proper speed requires concentration.  In most cases, listen for a steady plop-plop-plop cadence.
  4. The squeak of a buzz blade rotating on the wire seems to draw more strikes. To increase the noise, crimp the rivet a the end of the blade.
  5. Tie a buzzbait to your car’s radio antenna as you drive down the highway to “tune” the blade.
  6. For easier casting of 1/4-ounce and smaller buzzbaits, mash some split shot on the hook shank.
  7. Superlines, either fluorocarbon or  braided lines, will aid in hook sets.
  8. Prime time for throwing a buzzbait is warm weather just prior to the passage of a cold front.
  9. Always keep a “comeback lure” – a worm, grub, or soft jerkbait – handy when fishing a buzzbait.  If a bass misses the buzzer, throw into the same area with the slow sinking back-up (comeback lure) bait.
  10. Like most lures, buzzbaits come in a variety of colors. You can cover all the bases with white for bright days and black for darks skies.
  11. Cast beyond your target, and you’ll get super strikes.  Tournaments have been won by anglers casting buzzbaits onto the banks and dragging them into the  water.
  12. To prevent short strikes, trim the skirt to a point even with the belly of the hook.


Bonus Tip: Bass are notorious for striking buzzbaits and missing the hooks.  For extra strike insurance, add a trailer hook to the main hook.  Use a single stinger when the cover is thick, and a treble trailer hook in open water.


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