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Bank Fishing Tips

January 27, 2011

Here are some handy tips to consider when fishing from the bank:

1.  Use jig-style lures (bottom bumpers)

2.  Keep track of how long it takes for the lure to hit the bottom.  This will help to identify the structure in that area… how it’s shaped/contoured, etc.

3.  Use 7 foot rods with no-stretch superline (10-14 pound test) and even go hi-vis!  Be sure to upgrade your line for tougher conditions as they warrant.

4.  The first sign of warming during late winter/early spring is the time to pound the banks!

5.  Look for fast-warming spots such as feeder creeks and backwaters, canals, and/or channels.

6.  Fish areas that get the first sunlight.  When the sunlight shifts, move to fish those areas.  But don’t forget to fish the shady spots during the heat of the day.


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