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Bluegill Catchin Tip

January 27, 2011

While you see most folks fishing for bluegills/bream/sunfish with a hook-n-bobber… I love to fish using in-line spinners and don’t be afraid to use some wacky colors every now and then!!!  Always give them something that they haven’t seen before!!

I generally use the “double-ought” (or “00”) and then the “0” and the “1”…. lots of black and brown in-line spinners in my pack but there’s also yellow, red, and chartreuse…. even a few purples.

But one trick I love to use is tying on a trailing fly!  I’ll tie it in using 2-pound (when you can find it!!) or 4-pound test line right on the d-ring used to hold the treble to the in-line spinner.  Give yourself about a foot of line and tie on your trailing fly.  This way, when the in-line spinner goes through the school, you’ll get a fish on there for sure but the all the other fish that have gotten excited will see that trailing fly and nail it too!!

Fish on y’all!

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