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The Budget-wise Hunter / Phase I

February 15, 2011

Hunting … say the word out loud and what comes to mind?  For some it’s the thrill of the stalk of the elusive mountain lion.  For others it’s sitting in the blind calling in those mallards.  While for some, it’s hunting squirrels on a brisk Fall day.  The world of hunting is as vast as the world of fishing.  In each, the enthusiast must do some things — whether they do it intentionally or by happenstance; and they are:

  1. (Phase I) Identify your hunting interests.
  2. (Phase II) Identify your hunting opportunities.
  3. (Phase III) Culminating the hunt; putting it all together.

I love to hunt.  I love to fish.  As part of those “loves”, I love to be practical in each discipline.  As I progress further down the road of age and gathering wisdom, I’m beginning to realize a few truths:

  • I can’t do it all.
  • I need to be more budget-minded/budget-wise.
  • I need to enjoy to the fullest those opportunities around me that I can afford and take advantage of those that I don’t normally get to do but are given the opportunity from time to time.

Phase I: Identifying Your Hunting Interests

Take some time and jot down all that you would like to hunt.  Don’t worry about how long or short that list may be; it’s going to be different for everyone.  I spent some time and my list looks like this:  mountain goat, grizzlies, black bear, coyotes, squirrels, elk, Russian boar, mallards, teals, geese, turkey, pheasant, doll sheep, bighorn sheep, and feral hog.

As I mentioned earlier, hunting interests vary from person to person.  One may look at my list and say, “Well how can you leave off whitetail deer?”  Or perhaps, “You don’t hunt prairie dogs?”  Or even, “You ain’t no hunt if chachalaca isn’t on that list!!”  So keep your list handy because now that you have identified your hunting interests, you’re ready to move on to Phase II:  Identify Your Hunting Opportunities.

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