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The Budget-wise Hunter / Phase II

February 17, 2011

Now back in Phase I (click here —> Identify Your Hunting Interests) you were instructed to identify all of your hunting interests. For a recap, here’s my lists of hunting interests:  mountain goat, grizzlies, black bear, coyotes, squirrels, elk, Russian boar, mallards, teals, geese, turkey, pheasant, doll sheep, bighorn sheep, and feral hog.

Now when I look at my list, there’s only one facet I am faced with … which of these hunting interests are feasible (e.g. within my budget)?  And which of these interests are more along the lines of a dream trip (e.g. something I really have to save up for)?  Sure, I would love to go to the forests of Russia to hunt wild Russian boar!  Heck yes I’d love to hunt some monster elk!!  You bet’cha… I’d hop a plane in an instant to go hunt grizzlies in Alaska!!!  But are these hunting interests feasible for me?

Phase II: Identifying Your Hunting Opportunities

Now in this phase of being a budget-wise hunter you simply separate your hunting interests into two categories: (1) Normal Hunting Opportunities, and (2) Dream Trips.  Dream trips are not discussed in this particular rant; but hold onto that list for a future rant on effective planning tips for those dream trips!!!

So take a look at your new list.  Those items listed in your “Normal Hunting Opportunities” category are those species wherein you will focus most of your energies at becoming a more disciplined hunter.  Let’s take a look at my reorganized list:

  • Normal Hunting Opportunities = coyotes, squirrels, mallards, teal, turkey, feral hog
  • Dream Trips = mountain goat, grizzlies, black bear, elk, Russian boar, geese, pheasant, doll sheep, bighorn sheep

Sure does simply things when you re-categorized them, eh?!  Now that I know what I most commonly hunt for, the next step as a budget-wise hunter is to move into the final stage, Phase III: Culminating the hunt; putting it all together.

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