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Wine-infused Ribeyes, Baked Taters, Black Bean Sauce & Veggies!!

March 1, 2011

Yes sir-ree it was time for some wine-infused ribeyes (a special technique of using Merlot to tenderize and flavor the meat) along with baked taters, black bean sauce, tomato/mozzarella mix and a garden salad.

Click here for the “infused” method I like to use.

For the tomato mix just grab a bowl and toss in those cherry tomatoes, pearl-size mozzarella cheese balls, and chop up some leaves off of a celery plant (use the leaves off the smaller stalks as they are more flavorful).  Drizzle with olive oil and then add kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper.  Chill-n-serve!

For the black bean sauce just boil them beans till they are soft. While boiling be sure to add in the finely diced white onions and finely diced garlic.  I’ll also add in Tony’s Creole Seasoning until I get that just-right salty taste I’m looking for.  Once the beans are nice and soft just mash ’em up in the pan while it’s still boiling (turn down the heat a tad).  Serve warm.  This mixture is a dang-good additive for breakfast burritos/tacos.  Heck I even like to just toast up some bread, smear on some black bean sauce and top it off with a fried egg!!

For my baked taters it’s oh so simple… Oven at 400, wash the taters and then pat dry.  Coat skin with olive oil and then roll in kosher salt.  Place on rack (no foil!) and put a cookie sheet underneath the taters.  Bake until soft and load ’em up to your heart’s desire!!

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