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The Budget-wise Hunter / Phase III

March 12, 2011

Phase III: Culminating the Hunt – Putting It All Together

Now we’re at the point that your hunting interests have been identified and then you’ve sorted them out into what you can feasibly hunt and those that you would most likely classify as a “dream hunt”.  So out of curiosity I hit a bunch of outdoors/hunting forums and posed some inquiries to see what rifles/shotguns folks were using for various game; and here are the results:

I did this to see what folks were using as compared to what I like to use.  This was especially helpful to me if/when I think of upgrading or adding rifles/shotguns to my collection.  For my hunting preferences, my preferred stock includes:

  • .22-250 rifle
  • .410 gauge shotgun
  • 12 gauge shotgun (over/under)
  • .270 rifle

Being budget-minded, I’m not shooting for the high-end products.  I’m looking for product that fits within my budget and has best quality/reliability for products within that budget zone.  This way I’m staying well within my budget and conservatively spending my money where it is most beneficial.  Let’s not forget those “dream hunts”…. they can be pricey so budget wisely!!

While this little rant has focused on rifle/shotgun selection, there are many other facets to look at.  Things such as ammunition, clothing, camping gear, etc.  So one can easily see there are many angles that one must look at when making decisions on acquiring product essential to their hunting preferences.  Going through the process of determining what is feasible and what is not will greatly help in staying within your means!

More rants to come!!


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