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Weather & Fish Behavior

April 7, 2011

All of us should know that weather affects fish behavior, and that this behavior can be amplified by the season of the year and the type of water.

  1. It is believed that fish are more active on cloudy days.
  2. A slowing rising/falling barometer seems to provide the best fishing.
  3. Fish bite well just before a storm.  I’m not sure why but I hear that the plankton are able to move about in the water columns more easily.  I’ve been told that high pressure tends to force the plankton to  move down low which then causes the bait fish to be less active.  Some of my fishing mentors tell me that the dropping pressure was nature’s way of letting the fish know that a period of high pressure was on the way and that this would cause them to chow down (like animals eating up in preparation for their winter hibernation).
  4. The muddier the water, the shallower the fish will be.
  5. In a clear lake, you’ll do better with lighter lines and smaller lures and the fish will be relatively deeper than they would be in dingy or muddy water.
  6. The windy side of a lake is often better because the breeze creates more oxygen, and it also pushes baitfish against the shore.
  7. Fishing is often better along the rip-raps that border a dam when they are on the windy shore.


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