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Fly/Jig Tying Tips

April 8, 2011

Here are some tips I always give to someone who’s getting into tying or has been at it for quite some time:

Rule #1: Choose whom you’re tying for… If you’re tying to put something up on the wall or on the desk to be admired, ask the jig tyers.  If you’re trying to tie something to catch fish, tie it up, go fishing and let the fish be the judge!  Most of the time jig tyers will tell you what they like to see (a handful will tell you what will work better for fishing).  The fish will always tell you what they like to eat!!

Rule #2: Experiment, experiment, experiment… Don’t get stuck in the rut of always using the same materials. Venture out and try new stuff from time to time in order to increase your understanding of the vast materials out there and how they behave and perform in the water.

Rule #3: Have fun with it! Don’t get too wound up (no pun intended!) in perfection!  If you’re tying to fill orders then yes make it look good.  If you’re not tying to fill orders just remember that them fish will hit the ugly ones just as hard as they’ll hit the pretty ones!

Rule #4: Observation is key! If you’re really wanting to hone your skills on tying, find tyers that you really like their style and look at how they tie up.  Then find your favorite style of tying and bounce some ideas off of them.  Otherwise you’ll be inundated with “your tail is too long”, “your tail is too bushy”, “too much body”, “too much paint”, and on and on.  Tie up what you like and tie it the way you like it and go catch some fish with it!!

and finally…

Rule #5: Repeat #3 as much as possible!!

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