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Nighttime on the Lake

April 12, 2011

At night the lake comes alive and darkness provides cover so that the predator fish does not have to use up some much energy when attacking their prey.  There is little doubt that on very clear lakes you’ll catch more fish at night and bigger fish than at any other time.

The jig-and-eel (or jig-n-pig) and the spinner bait are good night lures on most lakes during the spring and fall of the year. During the summer, a plastic worm or a spinner bait will take more fish.  Crawl these baits right along the bottom.  Surface plugs also often provide exciting action at night.  And it doesn’t really make a difference whether you fish on a bright night or on one when the moon isn’t shining.

Plus the one big benefit of fishing at night… the water isn’t as crowded as it is during the day!

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