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She Needed A Handle!

April 14, 2011

I’ve had this blade for who knows how long! It was given to me by an elder family member long, long ago and she was in desperate need of having a good quality handle mounted up!!  So I hit several hunting/fishing forums that I’m a member of to get some inputs on what folks thought would make for a good handle.

Hopefully the tape measurer helps in giving you an idea of the blade’s length.  Because this is no Bowie knife blade!!  It’s a very small one that I plan on using for small game and for areas that call for an intricate skinning knife.  From the forums that I posted up on to gain inputs from blade choices, many options were given!!  Shown below is a cheesy chart breaking down all the options given.


Out of all the recommendations given, I chose to go with the one made by Jacob Bennett (of Shared Obsession TV ) who put on a beautiful osage wood handle! What I can’t wait for is the darkening effect osage has while it ages!!


The rounding on this handle fits into my hand very snugly and I can’t wait to put it to work on some skinning!!

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