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The Foodmeister Review: Gino’s East of Chicago

January 29, 2010 Comments off

Recently my wife headed off on a day-trip to Chicago with some of her co-workers.  While she was there I sent her a text message reminding her to be sure and have some of the delicious pizza there.  Well, to my surprise and belly-delight, she comes home with a HUGE pizza from Gino’s East!!!!

My mouth is already watering knowing that gooey goodness is hiding under that thin ply of cardboard!!  Inside was a deep-dish pepperoni pie just begging to get heated up and consumed!

Now I like a lot of MEAT on my pies (pizzas) so I sliced up a couple of jalapeño-cheddar brats and cooked them in a skillet and then layered them over half the pie (pizza).

My gosh when I sliced into this pie that cheese was going everywhere!  And the taste…. you can definitely tell that Gino’s doesn’t scrimp on the cheese… chewy as a medium steak!!  And the sauce…. I’m not too crazy about most of the sauces that local pizzerias use but the sauce at Gino’s is top-notch!  Creamy and chucks of tomato.  And the crust… oh the crust is to die for!!  A couple of slices of this pie and you’re in full-belly bliss!!

And the best part is… living in Texas I can order direct and have these mammoth pies delivered right to my door.  Toss ’em into the freezer or pop ’em into the hot oven for an all-out devour-fest!!!

Check out all that Gino’s has to offer and dine on some fine pies now!!!  —> Gino’s East of Chicago