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Ho-Dduk (Korean Pancakes)

March 4, 2011 Comments off

Ok… first things first…. how to pronounce ‘ho-dduk’…… the first part is easy, “hoe” (like the garden tool), the last part is pronounced like “dock” but with a heavy emphasis on the ‘d’.  These are small Korean-style pancakes that are filled with a sweet concoction of brown sugar, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon.  This is an awesome treat enjoyed during the winter season.

When I was in the military and serving in South Korea, I just couldn’t get enough of these amazing treats.  But I soon found out that one couldn’t eat too many due to that sugar rush!  My wife, who is from South Korea, made some of these delicious treats recently. They were gone just as soon as she would take them out of the skillet!

The brown sugar mixture quickly melts into this ooey-gooey sweet filling inside of that hot chewy pancake (or bun). Each time I have these, wonderful memories of my years spent in South Korea come rolling back!!

There are several varieties of fillings and dough mixtures that are used.  Some folks make these from scratch but we found a much easier method … pre-packaged boxes with all the necessary ingredients inside!!!

These are easy to make and I highly encourage you to try some!  Still skeptical?  Then find a Korean grocery store … most of which will have a cafe or small restaurant inside.  Visit during the winter months and you’re sure to find several ladies all set up with griddles making these pancakes right on the spot!!  Order a couple and enjoy!!